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Gene Myers.haiku column

The Haiku Society of America is pleased to host this ongoing column.

.Haiku: a place to share tools available to haiku writers and fellow haiku fans (like how to use Twitter, Facebook and Scribd for building community, self-publishing and marketing). The column will also feature interviews, blog spotlights and occasional multimedia presentations.

Gene Myers <poetgene@gmail.com>


2015 .haiku columns

.haiku column number 29 • 3-23-2015

by Gene Myers <poetgene@gmail.com>

* Being part of the poetry conversation that's happening on Twitter *

Back in a 2011 column I wrote, "that haiku is actually an ideal form for Twitter and other micro blogging venues because of its compactness."

I recommended a bunch of Twitter feeds for haiku fans like, @lilliputreview, @tankaqueen, @haikuchronicles, @haikunortham, @haikufound, @GeorgeSwede, @tinywords, @haikutec, @handfulofstones and @Bill312 among others. But not everyone continued in their love of the platform.

Just as love for Facebook ebbs and flows I can understand why people's passion for Twitter would do the same. But here's the important point that Haiku Society of America (HSA) President David Lanoue highlighted in the last newsletter: While Facebook is getting a bit long in the tooth and most of its members have at least some gray hair, Twitter is still preferred by younger audiences.

That's what Julie Bloss Kelsey said at the last HSA business meeting in Washington, D.C.

"Young people, she pointed out, are more likely to hear of HSA from social media than from our website," reported the recent newsletter.

While even Google's own Blogger has gotten stale, Twitter remains vibrant. Many other literary magazines and organizations like The Paris Review (@parisreview) and The Academy of American Poets (@POETSorg) know this and are putting time and resources into it.

I am happy to see the HSA jumping in so that haiku can be a part of the conversation as well. If done right, our love for haiku will not only reach out to younger readers but also our brethren practicing in other poetic traditions.

So thank you to Kelsey for suggesting that the HSA should setup a Twitter account. And thank you to everyone who is helping with it. Just type @hsa_haiku in any search bar. If you are looking for information about HAS contests, meetings, anthologies or the HSA journal Frogpond, you can find it there. Reach out to regional coordinators with any questions regarding HSA tweets.

Still not convinced? There's an app for that. There are apps to track followers, unfollowers and how many eyes see your tweets. But first let's get more haiku poetry chatter on Twitter and then we'll get to pimping your Twitter feeds!

Gene's Twitter feed: @myersgene.

• • •


Is there something you would like to see in a column? Email me at <poetgene@gmail.com>.

• .haiku column number 29 • 3-23-2015 •

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