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Gene Myers.haiku column

The Haiku Society of America is pleased to host this ongoing column.

.Haiku: a place to share tools available to haiku writers and fellow haiku fans (like how to use Twitter, Facebook and Scribd for building community, self-publishing and marketing). The column will also feature interviews, blog spotlights and occasional multimedia presentations.

Gene Myers <poetgene@gmail.com>


2012 .haiku columns

.haiku column number 10 • 7-29-2012

by Gene Myers <poetgene@gmail.com>

Are You on Twitter?

Are you on Twitter? I know so many wonderful poets writing great haiku—people who have shaped the landscape of American haiku. And yet I have to tell you, very few of them are on Twitter. Why is that?

It was Twitter that made me fall madly in love with haiku. It's such a perfect vehicle for the art. Some poets use it well, and they were the ones who really showed me the art's potential. No need to name names in this column. I've named them before and I will sing their praises again on Friday as part of Twitter's Follow Friday (#ff) tradition.

Sometimes, I get to read perfect works of art. Sometimes, I get to watch a haiku take shape as its creator tries out revision after revision on Twitter. Sometimes, the people who follow me show me which of my poems are strong and which ones need work.

I've seen experiments that have worked and I've seen some flop. I've seen publications start up, and I've had publishers ask me for poems thanks to Twitter. I have even gotten to collaborate and compete with writers in other countries.

Why aren't more of us sharing and strengthening our communities on Twitter? I know we want readers. I know many of us want more cross-fertilization with the larger poetry world. A lot of poets are on Twitter. Are you?

Gene Myers can be found on Twitter at @myersgene.

Is there something you would like to see in a column? Email me at <poetgene@gmail.com>.

• .haiku column number 10 • 7-19-2012 •

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