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Frogpond Essays (by author)

Battistelli, Albert. "Haiku and the Beatific Vision of Jack Kerouac." Frogpond 37.1, Winter, 2014, 126-137.

Black, Rick. "Nick Virgilio, Walt Whitman, and the American Poetic Tradition: An Interview with Kwame Dawes." Frogpond 38.1, Winter, 2015, 99-112.

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Grayson, David. "Loading a Gun: Imagery in Haiku." Frogpond 41.3, Autumn, 2018, 105-108.

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Kimura, Toshio. "A New Era for Haiku." Frogpond 37.1, Winter, 2014, 89-103.

Kolodji, Deborah P. "Understanding the Larger Pond: Raising Awareness and Spreading Haiku Literacy." Frogpond 39.1, Winter, 2016, 65-75.

Kolodji, Deborah P. "What-If Scenarios." Frogpond 33.1, Winter, 2010.

Machmiller, Patricia J. "Jewel in the Crown: How Form Deepens Meaning in English-Language Haiku." Frogpond 36.2, Winter, 2013, 96-97.

Miller, Paul. "Haiku's American Frontier." Frogpond 35.1, Winter, 2012.

Miller, Paul. "Haiku and War." Frogpond 37.2, Spring-Summer, 2014, 99-122.

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Paul Miller. "Two Very Early Haiku Contests." Frogpond 43.2, Spring-Summer 2020, 110-119.

Olson, Marian. "Santôka: Taking a Second Look." Frogpond 37.2, Spring-Summer, 2014, 95-98.

Rasmussen, Ray. "A Title Is A Title Is A Title, or Is It? — The Unexplored Role in Haibun." Frogpond 33.3, Autumn, 2010.

Rees, Lynne. "Going Organic: Line Break in Free Form Haiku." Frogpond 34.3, Autumn, 2011.

Robbins, Jeff. "Basho on War: Glory or Emptiness?" Frogpond 44.1, Winter 2021, 131-141.

Robbins, Jeff and Sakata Shoko. "Links of Humanity." Frogpond 36.3, Autumn, 2013, 78-86.

Rosenow, Ce. "Haiku and the Creation of Object-based Poems:
An Interview with Artist Rebecca Lowry
." Frogpond 33.3, Autumn, 2010.

Rosenow, Ce. "Increased Collaboration: Opportunities to Participate in the Haiku Society of America." Frogpond 33.1, Winter, 2010.

Root-Bernstein, Michele. "Beautiful Dance: A Conversation with Eve Luckring About Video Art and Haiku." Frogpond 38.1, Winter, 2015, 86-98.

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