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home late
i sleep with the dog
at his place

Alwyn Hughes, Jr.
    San Rafael, California

approaching spring
I take a number
at the deli counter

Carolyn Hall
    San Francisco, California


so much unsettled

Dan Schwerin
    Waukesha, Wisconsin

between us
no right or wrong
wild mint

Stephen A. Peters
    Bellingham, Washington


mushroom picking
something about his mother
he never knew

Jonathan McKeown
    Sydney, Australia

slowly up the stairs
my wife returns home
autumn night

Lenard D. Moore
    Raleigh, North Carolina


all souls' day
no one i care
to see again

Roberta Beary
    Bethesda, Maryland


assigning my pain a number of autumn clouds

Susan Antolin
    Walnut Creek, California


air show . . .
the ice cream girls
compare nail polish

Anne LB Davidson
    Saco, Maine

getting high
climbing a tree I climbed
in childhood

Tom Tico
    San Francisco, California


night drive home
we unravel all the things

Randy Brooks
    Decatur, Illinois

night train
I split the uncut pages
in my book

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
   Bucharest, Romania


still river
still pond
still winter

Don Miller
    New Lisbon, Wisconsin


a container for medical waste (3rd from the sun)

Lee Gurga
    Champaign, Illinois