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by Cynthia Cechota, Dubuque, Iowa

DWF, post-menopausal, 51, looks 50, solidly constructed, loves butter, hiking, biking, yoga, poetry, gardening, real food, reading, laughing, dark chocolate, ISO an enlightened, emotionally secure handyman, 50–90 with OCD, any race or creed, for hard manual labor and potential romance, if hormonally possible for either party and at the seeker’s discretion. Must accept physical maturity, gravitational force, and the second law of thermodynamics. Must own a substantial toolbox. Love of travel and a penchant for dumpster diving and garage sailing a plus. Candidates should send a 99-word introduction and photo of their favorite pair of dancing shoes to:

(just a wink of a moon)
     a mantis devours
           her mate