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Where Light Begins by Gabriel Rosenstock

Gabriel Rosenstock. Edited by Mícheál Ó hAodha. Where Light Begins: Haiku. Dublin: Original Writing, Ltd., 2012, 116 pp., softbound. ISBN 978-1-908817-47-1. Ebook available at Amazon (US$7.95) and Barnes & Noble (US$8.49).

reviewed by Rimas Uzgiris, Brooklyn, New York

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Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku

Allan Burns, ed. Where the River Goes: The Nature Tradition in English-Language Haiku. Ormskirk, Great Britain: Snapshot Press, 2013, 479 pp., hardbound, 5.25 x 7.25. ISBN 978-1-903543-36-8, US$45 (includes shipping & handling with 50% discount) from the publisher at http://www.snapshotpress.co.uk.

reviewed by Scott Mason, Chappaqua, New York

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Clouds and More Clouds by David H. Rosen

David H. Rosen. Clouds and More Clouds. Northfield, MA: Lily Pool Press, 2013, unpaginated (68 pp.), perfect soft- bound, 5.25 x 5.5. ISBN 978-1-628908-0-77. US$24.95.

reviewed by Robert Epstein, El Cerrito, California

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Briefly Reviewed

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Marlène Buitelaar, ed. The Scent of Music, Haiku with a touch of music. Den Bosch, Netherlands: 't schrijverke, 2013, 74 pp., perfect softbound, 5 x 7. ISBN 978-94-90607-8. US$16 plus postage from www.redmoonpress.com or max@ verhart.org.

Carolyn Hall, ed. The Color of Water. Santa Rosa, CA: Two Autumns Press, 2013, unpag., stapled, 5.25 x 7. No ISBN. US$8. Available from the publisher. To order, contact jwrobello@hotmail.com.

Marco Fraticelli. Drifting. Catkin Press, 2013, 86 pp., perfect softbound, 5 x 6.75. ISBN 978-0-9880784-4-4. US$10 plus postage from claudiaradmore@gmail.com or kingsroadpress@hotmail.com.

Jay Friedenberg. One Rock Out of Place. Uxbridge, UK: Alba Publishing, 2013, 40 pp., perfect softbound, 5.75 x 8.25. ISBN 978-0-9575265-5-6. US$12. Order from info@albapublishing.com.

Robert Epstein, ed. Now This: Contemporary Poems of Beginnings, Renewals, and Firsts. Shelbyville, KY: Wasteland Press, 2013, 187 pp., perfect softbound, 6 x 9. ISBN 978-1-60047-895-6. US$17.95 from www.wastelandpress.net.

Claudia Chapline. Bird Watch. Stinson Beach, CA: Red Comma Editions, 2013, 104 pp., perfect softbound, 5 x 7. ISBN 0-9653569-8-1. US$18 from www.claudiachapline.word press.com.

Jane Reichhold. A Dictionary of Haiku, second edition. Gualala, CA: AHA Books, 2013, 328 pp., perfect softbound, 6 x 9. ISBN 0-944676-24-3. US$18 from www.AHApoetry.com; $16.20 at Amazaon.com.

Kala Ramesh, Johannes Manjrekar, and Vido Jyoti, eds. First Katha Book of Haiku, Haibun, Senryu, & Tanka. New Delhi, India: Katha Publishers, 2013, 116 pp., e-book. ISBN 978-93-82454-19-9. US$2.99 from www.magzter.com.

Marian Olson. Moondance. Santa Fe, NM: Deep North Press, 2013, unpag. (52 pp.), perfect softbound, 5.5 x 7. ISBN 978-1-929116-19-5. US$18 from www.modernhaiku.org.

Graham High, ed. Barbed Wire Blossoms: The Museum of Haiku Literature Award Anthology 1992–2011. Essex, U.K.: The British Haiku Society, 2012, 91 pp., perfect softbound, 5.75 x 8.25. ISBN 978-1-906333-01-0. £7.00 from www.brit ishhaikusociety.org.uk.

Scott Wiggerman & Constance Campbell, eds. Lifting the Sky: Southwestern Haiku and Haiga. Austin, TX: Dos Gatos Press, 2013, 100 pp., perfect softbound, 6 x 9. ISBN 978-09840399-3-7. US$15.95 from www.dosgatospress.org.

Carolyn Giles Banks. Tigers, Temples and Marigolds. Minneapolis, MN: Wellington-Giles Press, 2013, 16 pp., hand-crafted, limited edition, 5.5 x 8.5. ISBN 978-0-9645254-5-0. US$17 + $3 postage from wellingtongilespress@gmail.com.

Satoru Kanematsu. Hazy Moon: Haiku Diary. Nakagawaku, Nagoya: Gakuhōsha Publishing Co., 2013, 83 pp., perfect softbound, 5.5 x 8. ISBN 978-4-9907320-0-4. US$15 from the author at 4-23-13 Yobitsugi, Minami-ku, Nagoya 457-0014.

Saeed Abbasi. My Haiku/Mis Haikus. Self-published, 2012, 266 pp., perfect softbound, 5 x 7. ISBN 978-1-62847-188-5. US$25 from saeedabbasi33@hotmail.com.

briefly reviewed by Michele Root-Bernstein, East Lansing, Michigan
& Francine Banwarth, Dubuque, Iowa

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