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From the Editors

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. ~Marcel Proust

A brand new year! Where did you begin? We hope with a good measure of health, peace, and happiness; inspired writing; and time for contemplation, resolution, and first preparations for renewal. Many of us have spent the winter months snowed and iced in like never before. Others might welcome a cooler, wetter clime, especially in areas that are under siege of drought and wildfires. Either extreme can curtail travel on the paths usual to us—sidewalks, streets, bus lines, railway tracks, airways, the Internet. Yet Proust reminds us there is one road to discovery that is always open. Real discovery begins within, born of alternate sight lines onto old landscapes and conventional vistas. Our most profound voyages do not simply involve “being there,” but depend on “becoming here.”

Whatever the season or climate, beauty is all around us, as Chris Patchel illustrates in another stunning cover design. Beauty stops us in our tracks and, in an instant, connects us to the greater universe. We think you’ll find evidence of this deeper connection in Frogpond 37:1, which offers new lookouts on old and perennial landscapes—war, religion, 5–7–5—as well as into the inner lands of haiku, haibun, and linked forms. Ignatius Fay’s “Grim” also seems to have found a home on the pages.

Once again our deep gratitude to Charlie Trumbull and Bill Pauly, whose eyes caught many of our errors before going to press. We will miss Angela Terry and Michael Dylan Welch on the HSA board, as well as the regional coordinators who have stepped down, and we welcome those who have stepped up to take their places. Frogpond wouldn’t exist without the support of the HSA and its hardworking officers and coordinators. We look forward to another year as your editors, we thank our contributors, and we wish our readers a winter’s “voyage of discovery.”

Francine Banwarth, Editor
Michele Root-Bernstein, Associate Editor

Francine Banwarth, Editor
985 So Grandview
Dubuque, Iowa 52003