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South Region

This region includes Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee.
The flora, fauna and rich culture of the South are notable for inspiring haiku moments. As such, haiku and related genres are alive and well. We hope additional groups will spring up wherever there are a few dedicated poets. Anyone interested in forming a haiku group is encouraged to contact the regional coordinator for information and assistance.

The South region welcomes anyone living in or passing through the area to join local groups for regular meetings and special events sharing the haiku experience and camaraderie. Two groups currently meet in the south region, one in Louisiana, and one in Arkansas. Arkansas also boasts a haiku column and an annual conference in Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas.



The Northwest Louisiana Haiku Group meets monthly via email. At current, this is a closed group due to the group size combined with an email format, but if you are in the South Region and interested in being a part of a second email group, please contact the South Region Coordinator, June Rose Dowis.

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Arkansas Haiku Society is planning the startup of monthly meetings in Hot Springs National Park in 2022. For more information, please contact Michael Murray by email at <michael_512003@yahoo.com>. Use HAIKU MEETING in the subject line.

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Ouachita Life Haiku Column

OUACHITA LIFE magazine publishes a haiku column with eight contests every other month. The deadline to enter the contests is the 13th day of the odd numbered months. Email Howard Kilby at <hkilby@hotmail.com> for information.

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26th Annual Conference in Hot Springs National Park

This two-day event in early November includes noted haiku speakers and workshops along with the charm, rich history, and arts culture of Hot Springs to explore.  For more information, contact Howard Kilby at <hkilby@hotmail.com>.

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Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi Region

At this time, the South Region Coordinator is not aware of groups meeting in these areas but would be happy to help establish them. Please email <junerosedowis@gmail.com> , with events happening in your area.

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HSA Regions

Regional Coordinator

Howard Kilby

June Rose Dowis
110 Arthur Ave.
Shreveport, Louisiana 71105


June Rose Dowis lives in Shreveport, Louisiana where she works as a Director of Communications for a Methodist Church. She is an artist as well as a free verse and haiku poet. Her work has appeared in numerous haiku publications and anthologies. She received honorable mention for both the 2021 HSA Gerald Brady Senryu Award and the 2021 HSA Harold G. Henderson Haiku Award. She is also delighted to have a haiku (August) in the 2022 Snapshot Press Calendar. She is a member of The Shreveport Writer’s Club, Haiku Society of America, Northwest Louisiana Haiku Society, a member of the Shreveport and Bossier City Arts Councils, and her local Wednesday Writer’s Group. June is so grateful for the support and inspiration she receives from the haiku community.


abandoned beehive the many sides of silence

               ~ 2022 Snapshot Press Calendar
new diagnosis
snow up to
Budda’s neck
               ~ Modern Haiku 52.3
world hunger
the emptiness
of emojis
               ~ HSA Gerald Brady Senryu Award 2021
                  (honorable mention)

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