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Oregon Region

Oregon has been an independent HSA region since 2008, but has a prominent haiku history that stretches back many decades. It began with one of the earliest English-language haiku organizations, the Western World Haiku Society, founded by Lorraine Ellis Harr in 1972. She also published the haiku journal Dragonfly from 1972 to 1984.

For the last thirty years, several local haiku writing groups have operated at various times around the state, and during the last two decades, we have organized numerous haiku meetings and events, including the Basho Bash, Haiku Summit, Haiku North America (1997), regional HSA meetings, and several national quarterly HSA meetings. When paired with Washington State as part of the Haiku Northwest group (before becoming its own HSA region), Oregon also contributed frequently to Northwest regional haiku anthologies.

Please contact the current Oregon regional coordinator for more information.

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Regional Coordinator

Tsnya McDonald

Tanya McDonald


Tanya McDonald is the founder and editor of Kingfisher, a pocket-sized haiku journal. Her own haiku, haibun, and rengay have appeared in various journals and anthologies since 2008. For fifteen years, she lived in Washington, where she was involved with Haiku Northwest and served as the HSA regional coordinator in 2010, 2011, and 2013. In 2022, she moved back to her home state of Oregon to be closer to family. She is grateful to the Portland Haiku Group for welcoming her and she looks forward to supporting and promoting haiku around Oregon through education, workshops, and events.

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