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Essay 1 - "Foxfire"

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distant train whistle—
missing you more
when the wind rises

Penny Harter


between the lines the scent of lilacs

Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff


an old love
lightly touching

Dan Curtis

spring rain . . .
I bubble sort
my options

Francine Banwarth


into my body
another flying dream
folding back

Peter Newton

heirloom tomato—
finally comfortable
in my own skin

Annette Makino


rubble dust
the swinging hands
of a carried child

Malintha Perera


novelty pepper shaker president

David Boyer


indigo night
this star-studded sky
for my shroud

Renée Owen

barefoot . . .
trying not to step
on ephemera

Lorin Ford