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Essay 1 - "Foxfire"

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World of Wonder

by Diane Wallihan

Four years old, bilingual, well-traveled. The boy adapts easily to the cultures of Europe, Africa, and Asia. An early reader, Shere Khan, Simba, Kanga, and Roo are longtime friends. Lions and tigers he has seen in the wilds; kangaroos he takes in stride. Four—already a man of the world. Still, he can be enchanted by a frog in the toilet.

Shakespeare . . .
penciled in the margin
a haiku






Winter Solace

by Tom Painting

We walk the ragged shoreline, wind in our faces, the sand hard packed and mixed with snow. We first came here young and in love when nothing else mattered. Now more than half a lifetime later, we meet to make up for missing years. You remind me of the time waves froze into chunky, yellow mountains and that I scaled one. Such an act was foolish, but not so much as an old man in love when so much else matters.

losing my mind in a cloud of starlings