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Frogpond 40.2 • 2017

Museum of Haiku
Literature Award

Haiku & Senryu

Essay 1 - "Foxfire"

Museum of Haiku Literature Awards Retrospective




Book Reviews

From the Editor





From the Editor

Continuing our celebration of Frogpond’s fortieth year, we invited Michael Dylan Welch to take a gander through all the archived Museum of Haiku Literature Awards (for best-of-issue poems, like the one on page 5) and to offer a retrospective of that long-running tradition.

Also in this issue, Charles Trumbull gives us a second excerpt from A Field Guide to North American Haiku, this outing a nighttime exploration of “things that glow in the dark.”

As promised, we feature more full-color haiga. And as always this edition is brimful with diverse haiku and senryu (have you noticed Joyce Clement’s superb sequencing of those poems?) along with haibun, rengay, renku, book reviews, contest results, and even a fun short story for good measure.

While not quite there yet, we are one step closer to getting Frogpond all the way back on schedule. So with any luck, for those in the northern hemisphere it will still be high summer when this spring/summer issue arrives.

In any case, wherever you are, and whatever you’re sipping—maybe something garnished with a cocktail umbrella—we hope this edition adds to your enjoyment of the present season.


Christopher Patchel, Editor
Joyce Clement, Coeditor