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Haiku Society of America Web Site

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This web site is maintained by the Haiku Society of America for the benefit of its members and for all who are interested in reading or writing haiku and related forms.

The HAIKU navigation dropdown button features online collections of award-winning haiku, senryu, haibun, renku, rengay, student haiku, book awards, and Frogpond journal awards. Many of these annual award competitions began over 30 years ago, so these archives of award-winning poetry (with judges commentary) provide access to significant collections of outstanding examples of contemporary English language haikai arts.

The SOCIETY navigation dropdown button features publications and resources produced for and by members of the society. These include a tri-quarterly journal, Frogpond; annual members anthologies, a newsletter, books, educational resources, and haiku bibliographies.

The OF AMERICA navigation dropdown button features the people and groups that make up the Haiku Society of America. It links to pages about the society (including nonprofit bylaws) and how to join. It provides means of connecting with others in the society through regions, officers, meetings, events, contests, and social media links.

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Haiku Society of America - Social Media Policy

The Haiku Society of America is dedicated to supporting and encouraging English-language haiku, as well as supplying information related to haiku, senryu, haibun, haiga, renku, and other related Japanese poetic forms. We do that, among other avenues, by maintaining a dynamic Internet presence, which includes our official sites:

Website (https://www.hsa-haiku.org)

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/HaikuSocietyOfAmerica/)

Twitter (https://twitter.com/hsa_haiku, https://twitter.com/frogpondjournal)

Instagram (https://instagram.com/frogpondjournal/)

YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoWrz8ICDzS30J335UHj1Fg)

The purpose of these accounts is two-fold. First, they are used to disseminate information about haiku in general and the HSA in particular, to define what haiku is, to familiarize visitors with who is writing haiku, and to encourage involvement in the genre. Second, and equally important, is to create an atmosphere that encourages discussion and debate about haiku-related topics and a place where the various styles of haiku may be examined and evaluated. Everyone interested in haiku is welcome to attend and contribute. Tell your friends!

That said, we must emphasize a few policies that apply to all of the HSA media accounts, including but not limited to the organization's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other outlets. We do not permit the posting of information on other unrelated subjects. We prohibit the posting of any demonstratively false information, the harassment or bullying of the organization or individuals, and the use of profane language, pornographic materials, and excessive self-promotion. All such content will be removed promptly. The person(s) responsible for posting such content may be barred from further membership on the site(s). The views expressed by the individuals who post on these accounts do not necessarily represent the society's official policy or beliefs. We assume no responsibility for the truth or veracity of any of the statements posted.

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Electronic Media Officer

For questions or comments about this site, see the contact information for the Electronic Media Officer on the Officers page.

Randy Brooks
6 Madera Court
Taylorville, IL 62568


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