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HSA Regions

Southeast Region

This region includes Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and the United States Virgin Islands.

The Southeast region welcomes all poets as it seeks to build haiku-related activities throughout its territory. Past activities have included a haiku weekend in the late 1990s linking “Haiku and Music,” which invited poets (working with musicians) to put their own lines to music, and to hear their haiku sung. In Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the annual Sakura Festival has been promoting haiku through an annual contest since 1991. In Key West, Florida, the Robert Frost Poetry Festival has featured haiku poets for many years, and also has an annual haiku contest. The Pinecone haiku group has also engaged poets in the northern part of our region since 1999, and has an active Yahoo group (or contact Nora Wood for more information). More recently, the Alabama State Poetry Society has begun to include haiku in its yearly contests. HSA members in our region have only occasionally been able to get together, but we encourage interaction by e-mail. We hope you will want to contribute to our online regional anthology. For more information about haiku activity in the region, please contact the Southeast regional coordinator.

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Regional Links

Southeast Region Facebook Page

Alabama State Poetry Society

Alabama Writers' Conclave

Key West Robert Frost Poetry Festival

Lingering Sunlight: Southeast Regional Anthology

Paraverse (Robin D. Gill's haiku translation site)
Pinecone Haiku Group

River Song Haiku Society

Sakura Festival Haiku Contest

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Regional Coordinator

Robyn Hood Black

Robyn Hood Black



Regional Archives

2015 Southeast Region Archive

2012-2014 Southeast Region Archive

2010-2011 Southeast Region Archive


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