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From the Editors

Since we started as editors with issue 31:2 in 2008, the most frequently cited writer by far has been Bashô (1644-1694). And, in this issue Bashô’s dominance continues, with a haiku sequence dedicated to him (see p. 39 ) as well as an article about his perception of women (see pp. 64-70). By the way, we wish contributors would remember to add the long dash over the o at the end of his name.

Roughly tied for distant second are the later classical master, Buson (1716-1783) and the more modern, Shiki (1867-1902). This shows that we continue to pay homage to the Japanese heritage of haiku. Whether that is a good thing or not is a matter of debate.

We have expanded the section,“HSA Officers and Regional Coordinators,” from one page to two pages. The increase in space became necessary with the addition of email addresses to the contact information about these important individuals.

The last issue, 32:3, was the largest ever Frogpond, at 152 pages, but this one is even bigger, by four pages. It is also the most complex with two cartoons and five photographs. We hope that you will find it enjoyable as well as stimulating.

George Swede, Editor
Anita Krumins, Assistant Editor

E-mail: gswede@ryerson.ca

George Swede
Box 279, Station P
Toronto, ON M5S 2S8