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I remember
my ant farm

Yu Chang

red light flexing his muscle car

Tanya McDonald


girl with a red pail
running water over
her sandy dad

Geoff Pope

ice cream truck—
they abandon their castle
to the tide

Bill Waters


morning dew
finding the champagne cork
in the grass

Mark Dailey

white or red
we agree
on the important issues

Alanna C. Burke


winter stronghold
the squirrel's
house of leaves

Peter Newton

leading an ant's column a butterfly's wing

Adjei Agyei-Baah


meandering stream
we talk about everything
under the sun

John McManus

blistered paint
the boat we named
for you

Debbie Strange



her grave . . .

Hannah Mahoney

a little anxious . . .
second-hand dog

Julie Bloss Kelsey



recycling day
bundling up
all the bad news

Ian Willey

making change
from the honor system box
roadside tomatoes

Bryan Rickert


note of Santana—
wind through the knothole

Marilyn Fleming