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the hook
where granddad hung his gun
crescent moon

Sarah E. Metzler

in the cast iron skillet
three rainbows

Barbara Tate


in the desk drawer
the yellowed ticket
to visit you in Paris

Frank Judge

sidewalk bistro
a floating blossom
starts a kiss

Marilyn Appl Walker


her panties
dangling from the bedpost
blush wine

Greg Schwartz

flu shot
the nurse demonstrates
on a teddy bear

Neal Whitman


crowded subway
I let him have
my wiggle room

Francine Banwarth

north star
she says we'll find
a way

Joe McKeon


in the far pasture
father’s Ford pickup sinking
into the soil

Edward J. Rielly

tornado watch . . .
the first tinkling
of a wind chime

Dan Curtis