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Frogpond 41.1 • 2018

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Essay 1 - "Hail"

Johnny Baranski




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From the Editor

I've never been good at hellos or goodbyes. And I’m not sure what to make of this whirwind tenure of ours. It began, and now concludes, rather abruptly due to unfortunate circumstances. And for the duration—day to day, issue to issue—any charting of our course (or even personal recharging) had to be done on the fly.

Although our term was relatively short-lived (five issues, one shy of two years) I’d like to think it was a good run, and made some worthwhile mark. Creative excellence, in both form and content, has always been my passion, so getting to use my skill set in the service of Frogpond has been most rewarding.

Of course the demands of editorship also clarify one’s limitations (an understatement). So I am deeply indebted not only to Joyce Clement, my conscientious coeditor, but to all those—too many to name here—who generously provided reviews, tributes, proofreading, copyediting, tech help, sage advice, and ideas. Their supportive contributions were invaluable.

Many thanks as well to our loyal readers, and a deep bow to everyone who contributed haiku, senryu, haibun, haiga, sequences, essays, re:readings, and what have you. Charles Trumbull’s Field Notes series was also much appreciated.

I’m no better at toasts than I am with goodbyes, but here’s to Frogpond holding to high journal standards and continuing to be a coveted showcase for haikai excellence.

We leave you with another brimful issue to enjoy, as those of us in the northern hemisphere at long last say goodbye to winter and hello to spring.


Christopher Patchel, Editor
Joyce Clement, Coeditor