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Frogpond 41.1 • 2018

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Haiku & Senryu

Essay 1 - "Hail"

Johnny Baranski




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spring break
a familiar perfume
in the confessional

Joe McKeon



David J. Kelly


talk radio
in autumn wind all corn stalks
bend the same way

Ruth Yarrow

standing my ground
holes I leave
in the sand

Julie Warther


organic shop
too broke to be
a hippie

Crystal Simone Smith

yellowing leaves
a yen
to live simply

Michele Root-Bernstein


relaxed fit jeans
unable to fasten
the changing room door

John S. O'Connor


roiling white places the mountain in my river

Dan Schwerin


we stop talking
about the future . . .
goblin forest

Sandra Simpson

not speaking
the sound of slippers
on pine floors

George Swede