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Frogpond 40.3 • 2017

Museum of Haiku
Literature Award

Haiku & Senryu

Essay 1 - "Frogpond at 40"




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code blue—
the colors that hold
the hillside in place

Francine Banwarth


jotted on a seed packet first draft

Jeff Ingram


speaking of loss
she begins to fold
my laundry

Elizabeth Nordeen

reflected moon—
an old man kayaks
the flooded street

Lenard D. Moore


There used to be
love letters to burn—

Sarah Paris

first date—
the comfort
of old shoes

Bryan Rickert


my farmer's market
can beat up
your farmer's market

John Stevenson


Earth Day future tense

Jayne Miller


old wallet
the cookie fortune wrapping
my draft card

Bill Cooper

going out of business
empty shelves
for sale

Phoebe O'Connor-Hall