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Frogpond 40.3 • 2017

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From the Editor

Time flies. I’m still wistful over the end of a fleeting summer even as I take in autumn’s last hurrah of colors. And in this final push to get another late-running issue to press, these last-minute jottings may be the extent of my reflection on one year+ in the Frogpond editor’s chair.

Speaking of time. In this issue Charles Trumbull caps off our celebration of Frogpond’s fortieth year with a great deal of reflection on the “lively and colorful history of the journal.”

Speaking of that history. The Re:Readings column ran from 2002 to 2015 but then died out. Editors Jim Kacian and John Stevenson opened the first installment with this introduction:

There is an art of reading haiku which is the parallel
to writing them. This column is intended as your opportunity to share your readings. We welcome your brief comments on what you may have appreciated about poems appearing in the current issue for possible use in the next. –Frogpond XXVI:1

Now that we’ve resumed Re:Readings (page 114) we once again welcome your thoughts on favorite poems. (Great thanks to those who contributed this time around, expanding our appreciation of a good many poems.) We look forward to sharing your comments in the next issue.

Speaking of the next issue. Don’t forget to resubscribe!


Christopher Patchel, Editor
Joyce Clement, Coeditor