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Frogpond 40.1 • 2017

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Essay 1 - "Turtle"

Fortieth Anniversary
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From the Editor

How many Frogpond editors can you name? Do you know who was the rst one to serve? Or who had the longest run? With this issue Frogpond enters its fortieth year. To help celebrate that milestone we thought it would be fun to feature some haiku penned by each editor, thirteen individuals in all who served from 1978 to the present, all of their sampled work previously published in Frogpond.

Also in this issue, Charles Trumbull, inimitable chronicler and conservator of all things haiku, offers us an excerpt (and the first installment in a possible series?) from a long-term project of his: A Field Guide to North American Haiku.

And most exciting for me personally, and long overdue, this is the first issue of Frogpond to include haiga. Eight creative, eye- pleasing, full-color pages of it. This is the debut of what we anticipate to be a regular feature.

For northern hemisphere dwellers, here's hoping this issue also marks the passing of winter and promise of spring.


Christopher Patchel, Editor
Joyce Clement, Coeditor