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Frogpond 39.3 • 2016

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Essay 1 - Characteristics of American Haiku

Essay 2 - Spiritual Freedom: Learning from Wassily Kandinsky



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From the Editor

Editing an edition of Frogpond. There is nothing like it for a deepening appreciation: for all the labor of love by all the previous editors . . . for the chance, and the privilege, to carry the baton for this stretch of the course . . . for the astute coediting of Joyce Clement, and the generosity of those who helped us catch up on reviews . . . for the diverse, enviable writing of so many contributors from around the corner and around the globe . . . for the adage that no creative project is ever finished, only abandoned when you run out of time.

We hope you enjoy the fruition of this project, and that you continue to support Frogpond in this upcoming 40th year.


Christopher Patchel, Editor
Joyce Clement, Coeditor