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Imago by Peter Yovu

Imago by Peter Yovu (2016, Ornithopter Press, Princeton NJ). 32 pages, 45⁄8 × 71⁄8, block printed cover wrappings, saddle stitched. ISBN 978-1-942723-02-8. $11 from ornithopterpress.com.

reviewed by John Stevenson

<Imago - review by John Stevenson>
(complete PDF version)



Not Asking What If by Adele Kenny

Not Asking What If by Adele Kenny (2016, Muse-Pie Press, Passaic NJ). 80 pages, 41⁄4 × 61⁄2, perfectbound. ISBN 978-0-918452-51-8. $16.50 from adelekenny.com.

reviewed by Wally Swist

<Not Asking What If - review by Wally Swist>
(complete PDF version)