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thin moon
the bone
in a corset

David Boyer
   Stamford, CT


bindweed all wild and tangled the heart of summer

Fracine Banwarth
   Dubuque, IA


ferris wheel
a bee climbs the sunflower
seed by seed

Bill Cooper
   Midlothian, VA

reef sharks
guard the rusting wrecks—
my father's war

Lorin Ford
   Melbourne, Australia


stain our hands
daighter's first period

Doris Lynch
   Bloomington, IN

first freeze
how tightly I hug her
before going to work

Lenard D. Moore
   Raleigh, NC


after Ophelia
she drowns
her Barbies

Bill Pauly
   Asbury, IA


wet leaf on the window only new kid in school

Bonnie Stepnoff
   Chesterfield, MO


another witness
for the defense
flourescent jellyfish

Michelle Tennison
   Blackwood, NJ

long winter
I plant bloom after bloom
in her white hair

Kath Abela Wilson
   Pasadena, CA