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Have You Seen This Man?

by Lauren Krauze, New York, NY

After one year, the lawyer convinced me to edit our will. My will. After three years, I recycled your magazines: National Geographic, The Economist. Seven years. I started writing Christmas cards again, signing only my name. Eleven years. I clapped out your boots, caked dirt flying all over the porch. Fourteen years. I pack up your ties, your jeans. I fold your warmest sweaters.

empty clothes hanger
still missing





High Stakes

by Marsh Muirhead, Bemidji, MN

Scientists tell us that the astronauts are not really weightless at 17,000 miles an hour, 250 miles above the surface of the ocean, the rainforests, various wars, the melting glaciers—their orbit is simply a constant falling off the edge of the earth, their ship carrying them just fast enough as long as they don’t stop or look down.

all in
even the priest
has a tell