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more and more
less and less

Billie Dee
    San Diego, CA


woodland shade lily spoken here

Cherie Hunter Day
    Cupertino, CA


starry night
lost track of all
my told-you-so’s

Bill Pauly
    Dubuque, IA

blue dusk
our laughter
in the rafters

Aubrie Cox
    Taylorville, IL


first day of spring
not waiting for the kids
to fall asleep

Jeremy Pendrey
   Walnut Creek, CA

windblown leaves
I find myself
at her doorstep

Jeff Hoagland
    Hopewell, NJ


pine tree bent with snow . . .
I thought I was done
with grieving

Sue Colpitts
   Peterborough, Ontario


summer’s end i flip the lp to side two

Scott Glander
    Glenview, IL


the kids out walking
their flashlights

Ben Moeller-Gaa
    St. Louis, MO

their marriage
not what it used to be . . .
soup and salad

Susan Constable
    Nanoose Bay, British Columbia


protesters’ march
taking over the street
cherry blossoms

Michelle Schaefer
   Bothell, WA

spring clouds
the tractor’s chug
cresting the hill

Michele L. Harvey
    Hamilton, NY


middle of the night
my daughter out
with the what ifs

Perry L. Powell
    College Park, GA


plum blossoms the old man’s toothless grin

Johnny Baranski
    Vancouver, WA


under an avocado
our daughter’s declaration
of independence

Randy Brooks
    Decatur, IL