Frogpond 36.2 • 2013

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From the Editors

The impeded stream is the one that sings.
              ~ Wendell Berry, in Standing by Words

In his meditation on form, Berry suggests that it works best when it baffles. In this issue we offer essays on the subject of written form, reviews of books that mine the current aesthetic or push against its boundaries, and, too, a new crop of haiku and senryu, linked forms, and haibun that explore a range of sensibilities. Whether traditional, experimental, or somewhere in between, the point of all this form is to challenge our complacencies, to forcibly deflect us from our course. To be sure, form is not our only obstacle. Each and every one of us deals with the ebb and flow of inspiration and purpose. “It may be,” writes Berry, “that when we no longer know what to do we have come to our real work and that when we no longer know which way to go we have begun our real journey.” With persistence, we can find the words, the voice, the means to flow between and around what blocks—no, forms—the streambed.

With Frogpond 36:2, our largest issue to date, we begin our second year as editors. During this reading period we received roughly 3,600 haiku and senryu, 136 haibun, and 77 linked forms, including 14 renku. As we complete the final details, our thoughts are summarized in Maya Angelou’s favorite prayer: “Thank you!” We are indebted to our readers and contributors, those whose work makes it onto the pages and those whose work doesn’t. Each one of you has something to teach us, and we hope that you continue to strive for excellence in forming the written word and image. We are grate- ful for the support of the HSA executive committee and welcome new and returning officers, whose haiku and senryu are featured on pages 5–7 (up to and including Randy Brooks). Blossoms to Charlie Trumbull and Bill Pauly for their proofing expertise and to Noah Banwarth for technical support. And, finally, our deep appreciation to Chris Patchel for his fine attention to detail and stunning cover design. We simply could not ask for more.

Be well, write well, live every moment!

Francine Banwarth, Editor
Michele Root-Bernstein, Assistant Editor

Francine Banwarth, Editor
985 So Grandview
Dubuque, Iowa 52003