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dawn swim
making a butterfly of water
of light

Kristen B. Deming
    Bethesda, Maryland


deep uncharted waters just past the boatman's smile

Roberta Beary
    Bethesda, Maryland


in pine shade
remembering dad
never sat much

Robert Epstein
    El Cerrito, California

beach bonfire
the ancient sigh
of a teen

Bill Cooper
    Richmond, Virginia


shades of winter
my mother in the passage
between dreams

Lorin Ford
    Melbourne, Australia

eulogy . . .
through the open window
a breeze gentles me

Charlotte Digregorio
    Winnetka, Illinois


nesting doll—
who she
really is

Kristin Oosterheert
    Grandville, Michigan


new love the up and down of her teabag

w. f. owen
    Antelope, California


you let it go
too far . . .
winter stars

Dan Schwerin
    Greendale, Wisconsin

breast lump
I scrabble around
for my whitest bra

Helen Buckingham
    Bristol, England


her DNA evidence
on my lips

David Lanoue
    New Orleans, Louisiana

crest of the swing
over a mountain lake—
knowing when to let go

Deb Koen
    Rochester, New York


old crow
still that tail waggle
in the walk away

Karen Reynolds
    Greenfield, Massachusetts

Olympic gymnasts
I imagine touching
my toes

Anita Krumins
    Toronto, Canada


water in the vase
on our daughter's grave—
a passing car

Lenard D. Moore
    Raleigh, North Carolina


Zen garden    the waves    don't move

Stanford Forrester
    Windsor, Connecticut


darkened sickroom
he tells me it's snowing
snowman snow

Billie Wilson
    Juneau, Alaska