Frogpond 32.3 • 2009

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From the Editors

In the Spring/Summer issue, we announced that Frogpond will be listed in the MLA International Bibliography. In this issue, we’ve yet another announcement— this journal is going to be included in a second prestigious index, Humanities International Complete. Now, more than ever, students and scholars around the world will be able to access the latest ideas about the haiku and its related forms.

As you may have noticed, the essays we have published have adopted a variety of referencing styles. In the future, we ask that any of the three recognized style guides for academic papers be used: APA, Chicago or MLA.

This issue is our fifth as editors. Starting with our first, we have made a number of changes. One of the biggest was the introduction of submission periods. While subscribers know these dates by now, many wonder how soon after the deadline they can expect to receive the issue. So far, we have spent four to six weeks, depending on circumstances, to make the final selections, and to do the editing, the layout, design and proofreading. Once the printers receive the final manuscript, they prepare a “blueline,” which we also have to check page by page. It then takes about two weeks before the journal is printed and posted. These timelines mean that a new Frogpond should arrive in your mailbox approximately every four months: the winter issue around February 15; the spring/summer issue around June 15; the fall issue around October 15.

We wish to thank all those readers who gave us feedback for the Spring/Summer issue (32:2), both in terms of content as well as layout and design. Finally, please note that correspondence sent to us does not appear in Re:Readings unless you specify that it should.

George Swede, Editor
Anita Krumins, Assistant Editor

E-mail: gswede@ryerson.ca

George Swede
Box 279, Station P
Toronto, ON M5S 2S8