Frogpond 31.3 • 2008

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From the Editors

For our first issue as editors of Frogpond, we asked for feedback on our many changes to layout and design and readers reacted much like diners at a favorite restaurant that had undergone a renovation. Most found the new look exciting, but a few missed the old decor. Others suggested even more modifications and for this, our second issue, we acted on many of these ideas.

On the title page, we added color and a logo for Frogpond, which we hope you’ll like. As well, we eliminated all of the divider pages plus added four extra pages to make more room for poems, haibun, articles, reviews and the various kinds of linked verses. Finally, we put haiku and senryu together instead of keeping them in separate sections. By doing this, we reverted to what Frogpond editors did before 1990, thus allowing readers to decide for themselves which form is which.

We have also made two alterations to the submissions policy. The first involves e-mail submissions—that they note “place” of residence. The second concerns acceptances—they will now be sent only at the end of each submission period. This change will enable us to make sure we pick the best work available for each issue.

We hope that you find this issue as exciting as we did when putting it together.

Please give us your feedback on 31:3. We are always searching for ways to make improvements.

George Swede, Editor
Anita Krumins, Assistant Editor

E-mail: gswede@ryerson.ca

George Swede
Box 279, Station P
Toronto, ON M5S 2S8