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Winter Retreat

by Adelaide B. Shaw (New York)

In our small Swiss village winter brings a whiteness stretching to the horizon. A slowing down as farms rest. Days become colder, afternoon walks shorter and closer to home. A retreat to indoor pursuits. Hobbies and reading, visits with friends.

                              smoky café—
                              at the ringing of a bell
                              snow on the red mat





The Upstairs Window

by Doreen King (United Kingdom)

It was barely dawn and I was deep in a deck chair when my niece decided to draw a pimpernel then changed her mind. She drew a house instead. It had a door and some windows. She gave one window a pair of red curtains like those I had when I was living with Josh. It was an upstairs window and when I pressed my face to the pane, I saw inside. My baby was asleep in her crib. She had not died. I was thirty-five when I began to see things like this. I wish my niece had drawn a pimpernel.

                              so fleeting
                              as the sun describes the hills:
                              morning star