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death bed watch the fading sound of tires on the country road

George Swede
    Toronto, Ontario

her rough edges smooth to a lover's touch

Johnny Baranski
    Vancouver, Washington


darkening sky
I reach for the person
you used to be

Cathy Drinkwater Better
    Eldersburg, Maryland

she explains
the long and short of it
winter solstice

Tom Painting
    Atlanta, Georgia


the mathematics
between us

Stephen A. Peters
    Bellingham, Washington

explaining bluegrass
while she bathes me
snow squall warning

Ignatius Fay
    Sudbury, Ontario


Veterans Day—
we watch World War Two
after dinner

Ruth Holzer
    Herndon, Virginia

spring rain
a joker taped
to the spokes

Aubrie Cox
    Muncie, Indiana


blue-sky day
the way that little girl skipped
when her mum said yes

Lesley Walter
    Summer Hill, NSW, Australia

my thoughts
nudge each other
bumping bees

Kala Ramesh
    Pune, India


early Alzheimer's
I take the first daffodils
to the nursing home

Gayle Bull
    Mineral Point, Wisconsin

after your visit
our chairs still turned
to each other

Donna Bauerly
    Dubuque, Iowa


downpour ends—
the nuances
of her voice

Lenard D. Moore
    Raleigh, North Carolina

burning bush
maybe there's still
hope for me

Christopher Patchel
    Mettawa, Illinois