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From the Editors

On page three, you will see a change in the submission policy:

All submissions must be original, unpublished work that is not being considered elsewhere and must not be on the Internet (except for Twitter and Facebook) prior to appearing in Frogpond

We have decided to accept Facebook and Twitter posts because they appear briefly to a selected audience before being replaced by a free-flowing and steady stream of new posts. Trying to find a haiku that was seen a week ago on either of these sites would be daunting.
On the other hand, what appears on e-zines and blogs is more permanent as well as more easy to access. Such sites are run by individuals who act as editors or gatekeepers. They decide what will appear on their sites and provide indices that make it easy to find the work of particular writers. In other words, they function much the same as print journals.

Because Facebook and Twitter are distinctly different from e-zines and blogs, we felt that it was only fair to allow authors who have posted original haiku on the former to be given the chance to have their work appear in Frogpond.

We have also expanded one of our innovations. In our very first issue (2008, 31:2), we added the general place of residence for contributors—the state or province for those from North America and the country (or perceived entity, e.g., Scotland instead of the United Kingdom) for those from elsewhere. For this issue, we have added the city or town as well. We feel that this extra information will help readers relate even more to the work of the contributors.
As always, we hope you enjoy this issue.

George Swede, Editor
Anita Krumins, Assistant Editor

E-mail: gswede@ryerson.ca

George Swede
Box 279, Station P
Toronto, ON M5S 2S8