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Sora Award

The Sora Award is an award for service to the Haiku Society of America. It was established by a vote of the Executive Committee in its meeting in Boston on 28 June 2001. The Sora Award was proposed by Jerry Kilbride to honor an HSA member who has made an outstanding contribution to the organization over time. The award consists of a certificate and a small gift. The first award was presented at the HSA meeting in New York City in September, 2001.

The Executive Committee of the HSA had no trouble choosing our latest recipient for the Sora award, an honor bestowed upon an HSA member who has made an outstanding contribution to the organization over time.

John Stevenson

John Stevenson has served as editor of Frogpond, as our second vice president, as our president, as our treasurer, and he has been active in the Northeast Metro Region for many years. The certificate with an accompanying glass frog memento were presented to John by HSA President David Lanoue at the HNA conference aboard the Queen Mary—permanently docked in Long Beach, California—on August 16, 2013.

~David Lanoue, President of HSA

Sora Award recipients include:

2013 John Stevenson
2008 Charles Trumbull
2007 William J. Higginson
2006 Leroy Kanterman
2005 Doris Heitmeyer
2004 Francine Porad
2004 H.F. Noyes
2003 Elizabeth Searle Lamb
2003 Jerry Kilbride
2001 LA Davidson


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