Meetings of the Haiku Society of America - 2021 American Literature Association Panel

Haiku Society of America Sponsored Panel

Haiku Society of America often sponsors panels of scholars and writers at various literature conferences.

American Literature Association (ALA)
2021 HSA Panel

See the conference presentations on YouTube:
ALA Haiku Presentation

The Haiku Society of America American Haiku

  1. "Lorine Niedecker's Exchange for Haiku," Michael Dylan Welch, Independent Scholar

  2. “The Passing of a Haiku Giant: A Tribute to Anita Virgil,” Jay Friedenberg, Manhattan College

  3. “American Haiku in the New Millennium,” Ce Rosenow, Lane Community College

  4. "Sedgewick, Vuong, and Beyond: How Contemporary American Poetry is Experimenting with Haibun," Aubrie Cox Warner, University of Louisville

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