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Applying for HSA Membership Online

You can now use a PayPal account to pay for membership in the Haiku Society of America. PayPal is an Internet service that enables any business or individual with an email address to send and receive payments online.

Dues are due on or before December 31 for the coming year. Delivery of the first issue of Frogpond for the next year will be delayed for members paying dues after December 31.

International Memberships: Join or Renew by December 31 if you wish all 3 volumes of Frogpond in paper form. Individuals  joining or renewing after submission of the first volume of the year's Frogpond to the printer (on or about January 15) will receive .pdf copies of already-printed volumes of Frogpond. The next issue(s) will be mailed directly from the printer's mail service. Lost-in-the-mail copies will be replaced only with a .pdf version.

Please note that membership is for a calendar year, from January 1 to December 31. Members are strongly encouraged to join and renew during the fall months for the upcoming year. Members joining during the course of the year will receive all previous mailings for that year.



Click the appropriate Subscribe button in this table to begin the PayPal payment process.

Whether paying by online Paypal OR snail mail, NEW MEMBERS NEED TO please download and fill in your membership information on a copy of the Membership Application and send it by snail mail or email attachment to the HSA secretary.

HSA membership for students or for seniors who are at least 65. This special membership is available only for residents of the USA.

$30.00 USD

HSA membership for residents of the USA

$35.00 USD

HSA membership for residents of Canada or Mexico

$37.00 USD

HSA membership for residents of all other countries

$47.00 USD

PDF membership for residents outside North America

$35.00 USD

You may subscribe AND make a donation in any amount over the subscription fee.

The Haiku Society of America is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. An amount donated over and above the regular membership fee is deductible for income tax purposes in the United States. The HSA depends in part on donations to keep membership dues as low as possible. Donations are recorded in the following categories:.

Friend: over $35 up to $50
Donor: $50-$100
Sponsor: $100-$500+

Donate By Postal Service

To send in your donation by postal service, please make checks payable to "The Haiku Society of America" (not "Frogpond" or "HSA"). Checks in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank, or a bank with an affiliate in the United States, are acceptable. Otherwise, please send bank draft in U.S. funds. Please mail donations to:

HSA Secretary
Dianne Garcia
3213 West Wheeler Street No. 4
Seattle, Washington 98199

Friend: Up to $50
Donor: $50-$100
Sponsor: over $100


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