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heirloom menorah
this year’s candle melts
into last year’s wax

Jay Friedenberg

where the mailman found him heart attack snow

Francine Banwarth


first frost
we leave the crayon drawings
on our white walls

Meredith Ackroyd

working out
the fingering
winter moonlight

Lisa Gerlits


snowdrops . . .
her first time
forgetting me

Lithica Ann

monkey mind
failing to prove
I’m not a robot

Christopher Patchel


still flying
the bullets
we dodged

Julie Schwerin

cloud castles out of nowhere else to be

Michele Root-Bernstein


prairie highway
the flatness
of the tire

Bryan Rickert

tucked away in drawers
the things
I used to be

Marita Gargiulo



sold to the highest bidder
the house that keeps
their height marks

Valorie Broadhurst Woerdehoff

summer showers
the soft sibilance
of her kiss

John Hawkhead



backyard fire pit
the hero’s quest
for s’mores

Ben Gaa

circling the afternoon
a horde of crows

Renée Owen


a long hug
at the train station
evening fog

Jacob D. Salzer