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Frogpond 43.3 • 2020

Museum of Haiku
Literature Award

Haiku & Senryu

Essay 1 - "Midsummer Madness"




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riding with the top down
dog and I
catch what's left of autumn

Mark Teaford

a heron's stillness
breeze feathering
the back of my neck

Michele Root-Bernstein


kind words
the glow of sunlight
through leaves

Yvette Nicole Kolodji

holding on, holding on
spider on her windshield
so long

Oliver Leon Porter


all tucked in
he asks
about terrorism

Ferris Gilli

any fuss

Katrina Shepherd


waiting for the butter
to soften
summer rain

Francine Banwarth

zoom yoga zoom seder zoom kaddish

Bruce H. Feingold


between the walls
first house payment

Sarah E. Metzler

sweet potatoes
my lockdown husband
starts to cook

Kath Abela Wilson



     sudden burst of quail
from the cover—
     my buddy's ptsd

Frank K. Robinson

sultry night
sopping up blackstrap molasses
with Wonder Bread

Alan S. Bridges



bag lady
threading holiday tinsel
through her cart


the poor judgment
ignored by smiling
bridesmaids . . .

M. R. Defibaugh


not understanding
his thinking

P M F Johnson