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after rush hour
a flatbed of sweet potatoes
passes the old store

Lenard D. Moore

Grand Canyon our very small talk

Annette Makino


drinks around the grill—
uncle Joe's fish
gets bigger and bigger

Kendall Lott

evening news . . .
one nation
under snow

Michael Fessler


lilac scent
the eulogy
he wanted

Dan Schwerin

slow twist
of the wine screw
she wants to talk

Jamie Wimberly


a sculptor gently strips her
of the stone

Eugeniusz Zacharski

new snow
the house where I spent every Christmas

Julian Heylink


striated rock
the milennia
in my DNA

Agnes Eva Savich

so many times
I wanted to say yes . . .
summer stars

Angela Terry



spring morning
on the black baby's coffin
a white cross

L. Teresa Church

dandelion seeds—
a field of new graduates
toss their caps

Kathe L. Palka



winter lamb
a little ma
in its baa

Francine Banwarth