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Essay 1 - "Owls"

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spring tide
the rib cage
of a shipwreck

Tom Painting

when yes
          means yes:
                      spring peepers

Lee Gurga


in the red wagon
my brother and I bring home
our stiff cat

Charlotte Digregio

with me
under the mosquito netting
a mosquito

Mykel Board


blue moon
the trumpet player leans
into his tune

Lori A Minor

not me
the obituaries

Fred Andrle


bare feet . . .
friends with those
pebbles now

Shreya Narang

thirty-year friendship

Gary Evans


I float in warm surf—
overhead a wave
of pelican bellies

Ruth Yarrow

the badge
of a second band-aid . . .
tree fort

Michele L. Harvey



Putting Christmas
back in
its box

Alexis Rotella

wedding dinner—
blue rubber bands
on the lobster's claws

Robert B McNeill