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Essay 1 - "Down East Haiku"

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the cows that fit
under one tree

Jennifer Thiermann

finally it disappears the cloud that fell behind

vincent tripi


google earth
i zoom in on
my childhood

Mark Dailey

her Xs
and my Os on the window
epic school bus ride

Martin Duguay


used car lot—
trading in the last
of Dad's dreams

Steve Hodge

memorial day
the family divided
into volleyball teams

Matthew Moffet


Christmas cantata
the organist pulls out
all the stops

Barbara Tate

frozen pond
I skate around
his question

Jone Rush MacCulloch


November sunrise
holding up
the honey jar

Peter Newton

draft lottery night
the shifting moods
of hallmates

Bill Cooper



waiting room—
the aquarium fish
make their rounds

Jennifer Burd