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Essay 1 - "Labor Day"

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at the truck stop café—
lyrics you can

Linda McCarthy Schick

walking among redwoods my small steps

Sam Bateman


the stranger
in me

Robert B McNeill

giving a piece of cardboard
a bit of life
our cat

Tom Clausen


magnolia buds
some of us slip out
of our jackets

Michele Root-Bernstein

wanderlust . . .
his license plate collection
nailed to the barn wall

Michele L. Harvey


record shop
flipping through a stack
of memories

Kevin Valentine

entering the forest enters you

Ruth Holzer


Misty pine-scented wind
drifts through the graveyard—
I've outlived my parents

Rebecca Lilly

bases loaded
the lift of his knee
before the pitch

Hannah Mahoney



coffee table books
changed out
for the pastor's visit

Marsh Muirhead