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in American Higher Education, Part 2

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This Air We Breathe

Barbara Hay, Ponca City, OK

James Rodriguez, Portland, OR



wind gusts
stirring up trouble spring cleaning

leftovers boiling over in the heavy black pot

following the path
at right angles to the main campaign trail

all four lanes
jam packed with cars escaping the hot air

balloons race
across the moon

in his dream
a baby dinosaur
nudges him

oak sapling
in dry mud
a nest

homerun derby
she spills his beer

his professions of love
drowned out

roaring surf
a marshmallow drops
into the fire

apple harvest
visions of pie

he orders
borscht with an egg
and winks at her

the chill
in your gaze—
porcelain moon

all the blankets
end up on the floor

a line-up of
shoes by the door
tea ceremony

winter formal
the limo drivers pass
the time smoking

cherry blossom petals

cuddled together
watching the rose festival
in the rain