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you’ll levitate when
you no longer need to

Michelle Tennison
   Blackwood, NJ


waiting for word from you last summer’s lavender

Robert Piotrowski
   Mississauga, ON


funeral service
the comment of an infant
fills the church

William Hart
   Montrose, CA

the way open
in all directions
wild snapdragons

Allan Burns
   Colorado Springs, CO


blackout siren—
the toddler’s grip
tightens on my breast

Arvinder Kaur
   Chandigarh, India

wedding kiss
my mother somewhere
in the wings

Roberta Beary
   Bethesda, MD


sweet corn stand
teenagers stretch out
in a pickup truck

Tim Happel
   Iowa City, IA


six bullets the absence of color

Jim Warner
   Knoxville, TN


fallen leaves . . .
the way the trail
takes us back

Padma Thampatty
   Wexford, PA

refrigerator magnets
all the places
her friends have been

Patty Hardin
   Long Beach, WA


tea service
all the flavors
I’ll never be

Aubrie Cox
   Knoxville, TN

deep in the woods
a swallowtail
takes the lead

Brad Bennett
   Arlington, MA


at the bar
wishing she were a C note
he could spend

Marian Olson
   Santa Fe, NM

onion skin
I open myself
to the rain

Bill Pauly
   Asbury, IA