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goose bumps . . .
your breath a memory
on my skin

Chase Gagnon
    Detroit, Michigan

tulip bulbs—
that first piano recital
still in my fingers

Carolyn Hall
    San Francisco, California


empty nest
my son's jeans
a perfect fit

David Jacobs
    London, England

keeping night gentle

Gary Hotham
    Scaggsville, Maryland


sampling cakes
for her wedding day
dieting daughter

Patricia Prime
    Auckland, New Zealand

left behind
names on stones
left behind

Robert Mainone
    Delton, Michigan


in the hillside clover
bee wings

Randy Brooks
    Decatur, Illinois


a squirrel's from pole to pole punctuation

Peter Yovu
    Middlesex, Vermont


she won't
drop it

Robert Epstein
    El Cerrito, California

late summer sun
the lift of a frisbee
between friends

Ben Moeller-Gaa
    St. Louis, Missouri


standing water
trying to be
something else

Dan Schwerin
    Waukesha, Wisconsin

bowl of cherries
she spills
the beans

Genevieve Gerbeson
    Chesterfield, Missouri


blister moon
a wish
rubbed raw

Eve Luckring
    Los Angeles, California


by the time another war harvest moon

Melissa Allen
    Madison, Wisconsin