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changing my mind
as I go
stepping stones

Jennifer Sutherland
    Victoria, AUS

firefly flashes    the distance    of narrative

Aubrie Cox
    Taylorville, IL



LeRoy Gorman
    Napanee, ON

the nest is empty—
closed bedroom door

Wanda Cook
    Hadley, MA


a simply grace
for eggs
sunny side up

Dan Schwerin
    Waukesha, WI

collabor tion

John Stevenson
    Nassau, NY


old photographs
the uncle
no one talks about

Gayle Bull
    Mineral Point, WI

ripcord in love again

Robert Epstein
    El Cerrito, CA


frost on the window
the face looking through
my face

Peter Yovu
    Middlesex, VT

Father's Day—
blueberry pie softens
the conversation

Bill Deegan
    Mahwah, NJ


spring equinox
a dinosaur found buried
in the sandbox

Billie Wilson
    Juneau, AK

tulip sprouts
tip their soil—
a shirtless runner

Pearl Pirie
    Ottawa, ON


he used to know their names

Phyllis Lee
    Sebring, OH

cello solo the owls in my bones

Tanya McDonald
    Woodinville, WA