Frogpond 36.1 • 2013

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From Issue 35:3

new love the up and down of her teabag

w. f. owen, Antelope, California
    Frogpond 35.3

dawn swim—
making a butterfly of water
of light

Kristen B. Deming, Bethesda, Maryland
    Frogpond 35.3

Award Description

Each issue of Frogpond features a $100 Museum of Haiku Literature Award "For the best previously unpublished work appearing in the last issue of Frogpond as selected by vote of the Haiku Society of America Executive Committee."

This award is made possible by the generosity of the Museum of Haiku Literature in Tokyo, Japan.

Online Collection of Award Winners

See the Online Museum of Haiku Literature Award Collection of these award winners from Frogpond, as selected by the HSA Executive Committee over the last several years.