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This Way

by Ron Moss, Tasmania
Peggy Willis Lyles, Georgia
Ferris Gilli, Georgia

One of the great pleasures of being active in the haiku community is that one might be very fortunate and get to write linked verse with friends and mentors. Ferris and I began writing rengay early this year, and in June I suggested that we invite Peggy to join us in this wonderful genre. Peggy immediately responded with her usual warm and openhearted commitment to share with her fellow poets. The rengay progressed quickly with lots of fun and laughter, until all too soon the last verse was upon us. This also marked the point of Peggy’s declining health and her admission to hospital. Two months later we got the shocking news of Peggy’s passing.

Ferris and I wanted to honour Peggy and her writing spirit by finishing the rengay. This from Ferris: “I’m so very glad we had that great time with her, a profoundly special experience.” I’ll second that!

                              road trip
                              the car and mother
                              begin to boil                                         rm

                             fingernail clippings
                             in the rest stop sink                              pwl

                             souvenir market
                             a painted sign announces
                             THIS WAY TO THE EGRESS                   fg

                             repeated orders crackle
                             from the drive-in speaker                     rm

                             country church
                             we bury my sister’s
                             ninety-six cows                                    pwl

                             a monarch butterfly drifts
                             in psychedelic mushrooms                    fg