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in the hot tub's light
a drowned moth
awkward conversation

Erika Lee Williams, Kansas

whale songs . . .
when did we stop

Bud Cole, New Jersey



story hour
the lean of first graders
for the turn of the page

Wanda D. Cook, Massachusetts

the bonsai . . .
my knotty life

Charlotte Digregario, Illinois


in the raw
on the floot
half shells

Jayne Miller, Wisconsin

leaves changing . . .
the river
          lets me be who I am

Francine Banwarth, Iowa


new widow
the jello
not quite set

Erik Linzbach, Arizona

deafening rain
we talk of the dead
in whispers

LeRoy Gorman, Ontario


night cicadas
all through the hours
if only if only

Renée Owen, California